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In this last entry of my eportfolio dedicated to Literature I want to share in the blog a work done in the last classes of the subject where each of us finally managed to write a poem. However, this was written based on a photo that we chose mainly. Then, we wrote 5 verbs, 5 adjectives and 5 nouns that for us represented the chosen image. Also what we did before writing the poem, was to relate two literary devices with the picture and following all this previous analysis, we finally wrote one poem each.

Here I leave my work

Hope You Like It!



I really liked this activity. I admit that at first I was somewhat scared since I had never written a poem. However, Pato was guiding us and helping to put all our ideas into words. The fact that I had previously analyzed the photo organized my head and deeply gave me the opportunity to write a couple of stanzas later. It was incredible to be able for the first time not to read a poem, but to be the creators of our own.  This work helped me to organize and be able to put into words a lot of things that I could think and didn’t realize. It helped me to know more and to be able to find my place in literature.


Finally, I want to relate this activity to one carried out last year with Pilar Pando in Language. In this we also had to write a poem, in groups, about a particular place. It was really a challenge since we were younger and as time went by we gained more knowledge and made a deeper analysis of it. Although it was a different process, I believe that sitting down to listen to your own mind and putting everything that you have in your head in writing unites the two activities to get to the point of relating them to each other.

Here I leave the poem:



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