Portfolio 5

In this fifth entry of my portfolio I want to share a deeply analyzed essay about a story we read all together in class. This story is called «The Destructors» and is basically a gang of children living in London after World War II, whose leader, called, Trevor, is totally resentful because he fails to understand the reason for the survival of a house and The loss of all his own.


Here is the Essay that I written with Luz Esteban:


In my personal opinion, I really loved reading, working and analyzing this story as it has a super deep and moving story in the sense that as we went along with the plot I was increasingly understanding the great resentment and pure pain that this Child felt having lost everything in the war. At the same time it is a somewhat funny story since you can see how the gang organizes and carries out ideas to destroy what did not destroy the war, and I reached a point that I forgot, but the reality is that they were just a group of children. It helped me to understand that the consequences in the war were not fair to anyone and putting it into words in an essay based on a story also helped me to order all my ideas and thoughts about my understanding and opinion of it. 


I can deeply relate this essay to another essay in Lengua on a story also read in class called «El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba» This comments on the story of a retired colonel who left the war economically bankrupt and every day has The hope that you will receive a letter with his own compensation, but this did not happen. Because of this, he begins to look for answers and to sell and try to get money in any way to construct everything deconstructed as a result of the war.

Here is the Essay

Hope you like it!

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