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Olivia Obligado

In this first half of the year, in Literature we started a great project, a new way of learning, an Eportfolio. In this, we perform several activities with the topics seen in class. However, in these works we did not only base on the academic knowledge, but also in our personal opinion and experiences related to our reality, with the real life.

In my opinion, the activity that I liked most was Art as a form of creation, in which we chose an important topic for us which is also known and has an effect on society, in the world. I personally chose to talk about the cruel and terrible situation in which millions of women live in their day to day lives. I chose this topic specifically because I think we should all be aware of the social inequality and constant torture suffered by all these women, who continue to be victims of both,  religion and the patriarchy imposed in Pakistan.

I would like to first show the work and then make an analysis of it and give my opinion and conclusion of it.

Here is the work:

Women In Pakistán 

Have you ever felt repressed within society? Have you ever felt a feeling of oppression and confinement in the body? Those are the things felt by most women living in Pakistan.

  The status of women in Pakistan is an enormous gender subordination, even though it varies considerably across classes, regions. It also varies if you live in a rural or urban area due to a socioeconomic development and the impact of tribal, feudal, and capitalist social formations on women’s lives.  They are segregated and don’t have access to the government supplied social services that equal those available to the male population. They treat them as if they were nothing, they dehumanize them.  

  The Taliban regime, in its strict and radical way of acting, has retained its factual power in Afghanistan, generating marginal treatment for women that has provoked outrage and international stupor. It is impossible to synthesize in a few points the mistreatment and permanent abuse to which they subject their women. There is a list of most basic human rights violations. However, the Taliban say they only want to create safe environments, where the chastity and dignity of women are finally sacrosanct. Basically in Pakistan they focus on the creation of a sacralized state around women where, because of their religion, they are willing to hate them, treat them like animals and subject them throughout their lives. 

There is a list of prohibitions and restrictions on women, and here I will show which of them, in my opinion, are the worst:

  • Complete ban on female work outside their homes,
  • Complete prohibition of any activity of women outside the home unless accompanied by their mahram (close male kinship as father, brother or husband).
  • Prohibition of women from studying in schools, universities or any other educational institution (the Taliban have converted girls’ schools into religious seminars).
  •  Scourging, beatings and verbal abuse against women who do not dress according to Taliban rules or against women who are not accompanied by their mahram can be carried out
  •  Whips can be performed in public against women who do not hide their ankles.
  •  Public stoning against women accused of having sex outside of marriage (a large number of lovers are stoned to death under this rule).
  •  Prohibition of laughing out loud (no stranger should hear a woman’s voice).
  •  Prohibition to women to gather for festivities such as the «Eids», for recreational purposes.
  •  Prohibition to peek into the balconies of your floors or houses.
  •  They are prohibited from accessing public restrooms.

  Nowadays, restrictions continue to occur, but women are slowly encouraging themselves to raise their voices, to show themselves as such, and to express their desire to have a role in society, just like men. They demand equality, they demand freedom, they demand that they stop treating them badly, that they stop killing them. They want to show the world that they are not objects, that they are people, that they are women and that they deserve to have all the rights that man has. They deserve to be free, they deserve a dignified life. 

In my opinion, everything that happens is exasperating. It can not be possible that with all the evolution that there was in our world there are places where the woman is not allowed to show even her ankle, where she is denied to laugh to smile, the opportunity to choose, to vote.  It saddens me to know that there are a lot of women going through this terrible situation of repression and oppression. Going through situations of gender violence, verbal violence and even physical violence. It pulls out my hopes as a world, seeing men who feel so empowered and believe that they have a great superiority over women. I hope with all my heart that there is a revolution where women are stronger than never, empowered, without fear, and I trust that one day will happen and at that moment, women will never be afraid again. 


 First of all, when Pato gave us the freedom to choose a topic, I automatically thought about the well known and revolutionary feminist movement that has been growing in recent times. Based on this, I quickly decided to talk about all these women that I knew were living in inhumane conditions. 

I know that I was risking criticism or different thoughts on the subject since male chauvinism and feminism are delicate issues which each person has their own version and their own opinion. Despite this, I have my thoughts strongly armed and because of this I decided to talk about this cruel reality to show everyone what people can do and what the human being is capable of doing today.

It was a work of a lot of  searching, analysis and acquisition of new knowledge. It was hard enough to learn about a lot of restrictions and obligations that women have in Pakistan. It’s unbelievable how they privatize everything, even their own laughter. It is a sad reality that happens in our world, a reality where women are treated as objects, where humans are dehumanized by the same people, just for the simple fact that they feel superior, for being men.


In conclusion, I think I did a good job in exposing this situation of the real world, I think it’s a topic that was getting a lot of time, and it’s time for these women to lead a dignified life, carry out a life in which they can be the owners, the owners of their body, their choices, their actions, everything. A life that is not controlled by a religion, much less by the beliefs or thoughts of a man who decides what is right or wrong. I do believe that in my work is just and necessary to inform and conscientisarse of this cruelty that continues to happen and will continue to happen until these men finally open their minds and for a second me empathetic with all these women, who are victims of religion and patriarchy in Pakistan.



In my opinion, doing this work was the best thing we did in this half of the year since I could express my true thoughts on the subject, I could write what I think, which is an opinion formed in which I feel that women with time they are liberating and at the same time they are empowering themselves more and more, they are making themselves shown among people, we are growing, and we are making ourselves seen once and for all. If I could do something to help the women of Pakistan, I would undoubtedly do so. I am totally in favor of women being the owners of our own bodies. I am filled with sadness this horrible situation suffered by millions and millions of women constantly, I can not imagine a life in which I can not be free, and that my actions and choices make another for me, a life in which I am a prisoner of it, a prisoner of my own body. For all this I chose to talk about women in Pakistan, to inform, to raise awareness, to alarm that there are still places where patriarchy reigns, where women are still treated as objects, and all that has to change.

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