First work of the Eportfolio

For the first learning eportfolio activity, Pato asked us to take notes of both a video and a text, so as to prepare a summary relating them afterwards. In addition, we had to read some eportfolios from students of senior 5 and express and tell our persibal opinion about it.

Here is my work:


task 3:

An eportfolio is a creative way for students to display their learning, which goes beyond what you can do in a basic and normal paper.  It not only it provides a virtual space for them to asses and majour their academic work, but also a place to reflect on their daily learning. It is this reflect that  becomes social due to the feedback the eportfolio receives. In addition, this helps connecting all the learning and allow students to see and follow their progress throughout education. Therefore, it is a benefit for them, for teacher, and even for the college.  We can affirm that an eportfolio is super efficient, considering that it supports students own knowledge construction. It is also important to mention the fact that an eportfolio fosters engagement and motivation, as it allows children to work on the topic they want to, which lead the teacher know them better.

Task 4:

The e-portfolios I liked the most from the students that are now in senior five are from Juana Perez Muniz, Silvestre Braun and Victoria Landolfo This is because in their works they really showed that it is a new option and space, which is academic, but at the same time it allows you to show others what you are interested in, what you are passionate about. Although the topics seen in the classes are also shown, the atmosphere in the class is transmitted to others. In their portfolios they were able to demonstrate their interests in an organized way that was academically analyzed at the same time.



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