Literature final work

During the literature classes throughout the year I feel that I could improve a lot in my writing and also in the way I analyze and read the different stories and poems.

On the one hand, what I loved about the classes was the dynamic of seeing the poems and doing different activities and analysis based on these, in order to understand them much better. The atmosphere in the class was always amazing and I enjoyed writing and expressing my ideas in essays written throughout this year. On the other hand, it cost me to understand some poems or stories that we had to finish at home, but nevertheless always resorted to Pato or the Internet to try to solve my problems when analyzing and understanding.

What I liked the most about the year was reading the Billenium story, since it touched on themes of the future, which made it much more interesting and attractive for me in the class. At the same time it was a long story and a little complicated to read it, but always Pato was there to explain and help you to understand anything that has been difficult for us

I feel that these new writing skills will serve me in the future since I love everything that is related to writing. Having written essays throughout the year taught me and helped me understand that in the future if I want to study something related to literature, I will have the necessary skills to be able to achieve it.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Oli, you have shown great improvement with the passing of months!

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