Poem About Plaza Francia

During Language and Literature classes, we worked on a dexricption about a touristic place here in Buenos Aires. After making it, we had to write a poem about that same place, based on our piece of text.

I worked with Luz Esteban and Bianca Ireaci.

Here is our description about Plaza Francia

Plaza Francia

Plaza Francia is a green space in the neighborhood of Recoleta, where the handicrafts fair takes place on weekends. It was designed by the famous landscaper Carlos Thays and his central monument, called “France to Argentina was a gift from the French community to the country, on the occasion of the Centennial of the May Revolution. The three allegorical figures of its middle part, are made of Carrara marble, representing Science, Industry, Agriculture and the Arts.

The park covers a wide and extensive area that leads you to different places such as the cemetery, the church of Our Lady of the Pillar and the Design shopping. It is a  hilly place with towering and elevated green palm trees all over the park.There is full benches for people to sit in every corner to rest below the sun and jogging tracks all around the edges of the park. Flower hedges and bushes grows all around Plaza Francia, making the park looking as an alluring, engaging and amusing place to spend a grandiose day with friends or with your family.   

More than 30 years ago the Artisan Fair of Plaza Francia was inaugurated. Actually, the name of the square is Presidente Alvear. On weekends and holidays, this canyon is filled with stalls where talented artisans offer their original creations.This square is the heart of the Recoleta neighborhood, its artisan fair is one of the most precious walks in the city. There converge street artists, craftsmen, tarotistas, tightrope walkers, plastic artists and musicians of all genres who offer their improvised free concerts. The porteños go massively when the sun accompanies them and spend their days there walking and lying on the grass enjoying the surroundings of the dazzling park.  We can say that it is a bohemian that contrasts with the distinction of the neighborhood and the gastronomic proposals of high level that surround it.

 All in all, we can say that the Plaza Francia is a meeting place, and a point of departure or arrival for those who want to enjoy the sun, the beauties of Recoleta, crafts and shows.

Here is our poem.


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