Have you ever spent halloween on a haunted house? Well, i did. It all began one foggy and crispy winter night, in a lonely village in England when my friends and i went out during the witches night, to play trick or treat all around the neighbor.  The problem was that no one knew the protracted and horrifying night that was expecting for us…

 It was a halloween night, although it is an american tradition, we went out to celebrate it anyway. While my friends and i were walking in the chilly streets a black cat with rounded and green eyes appeared and guided us to an ancient, colossal and abandoned mansion. We  thought that was empty, so we entered. It was a misty, darkened and spooky place. What struck us the most was a wooden and scratched door, down the hall, so we went through it but at the distance we heard a sniveler voice. We panic, we tried to escape from the haunted house, but the doors were completely closed. By the time, the voice said to us that if we wanted to go from the house, we had to get the special and nseunique key from the mysterious door. To achieve that, we had to play the treasure hunt all around the mansion.

The cryptic and obscure voice told us that she was a wicked witch who always wanted to open that door, but she could never succeed because a million years before, she lost the key inside its house, so every halloween she trapped a group of kids to find the key for her. All that explanation that she made for us to know, frightened us even more, but we wanted to live as fast as we could so we started to look for it. Rachel, one of my friends, under a ancient and dusty furniture found the famous and so waited key, so we shouted to the witch until she told us to approximate down the hall and open the door. We obeyed her and did it. Behind the door, was no more than a thousand of enormous and disgusting bats.

The wicked witch explained to us that the buts were her pets, her only company so they meant all for her. She apologized to us because of the terrible night that made us spend and let us finally go out to our homes.

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