Writing Skills, Mrs Foster description

This is the final version of the description of Mrs Foster.

Mrs Foster is an old woman, who is in his late’s sixties. She has a husband called Mrs Foster, but he is not a good husband because he enjoys torturing her.

Phisically, Mrs Foster, is an alegant old woman, with oval face, round eyes and thick lips. She also has wrinkles and short, gray straight hair. She is a thin, tall lady.

As for her personality, Mrs Foster is an impatient, obsesive, anxious, hysterical and extra punctual woman. She has a weird tic, a muscle on her left eye starts twitching when she arrives late to some place. She never agrees with her husband, so when she gets angry she become cruel and mad.

For me, Mrs Foster is a kind woman, but she also has a doble personality. It has a good side which she is kind to others but she also has the other side which she is cruel to Mrs Foster, but rightly, because he always tortured her and he enjoys it, so she was sick of it, and in the end she becomes the villian and ends up killing her own husband, Mrs Foster.

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